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  • camp half-blood:

    every year you're with us, we'll give you a bead with a cool design on it that you can wear on an awesome leather necklace we give you! isnt that fun?

  • camp jupiter:

    every year you're with us, we'll burn a line into the sensitive skin on the inside of your forearm. not only will it be excruciatingly painful, but you'll have that shit on you for the rest of your life. welcome to the twelfth legion motherfucker.

Everyone’s always talking about how Percy jumped into Tartarus for Annabeth but no one seems to remember that Jason did almost the same thing for Piper.


Page 25, line 16 of the Lost Hero (after Piper fell over the edge of the grand canyon)

Save her? Jason thought. She’s gone!

But again his instincts won. He ran to the railing, thinking, I’m a lunatic, and jumped over the side.

Then flash forward to line 25…

In a heartbeat, he caught up with Piper, who was flailing wildly. He tackled her waist and closed his eyes, waiting for death. Piper screamed. The wind whistled in Json’s ears. He wondered what dying would feel like


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